Green Power Sources And Free Electricity Generators At A Glance!

Here you will know how to get free electricity and achieve power independence from energy moguls. Go green and save money on your electric bill! Or even eliminate it!


Double F.B. Review

Since the dawn of industrial age, the humanity relied heavily on energy supplies. Decades of excessive extraction of fossil fuels started to deplete earth’s energy reserves, and heighten carbon levels in our atmosphere to dangerous levels. While the annual demands are rising, the drop in...

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Shutterhand Generator Review

The Shutterhand Generator is a sophisticated modernized blueprint of an invention that played an important role in The Cold War, leaning the fortune towards US side. The invention was secretly used by military units and later in American energy industry. The Shutterhand Generator is meant to make...

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Don Smith Generator Review

The Smith Generator is an advanced blueprint on creating green alternative power source. While it cannot fully replace your grid, or make you grid independent without scaling, it has the out-of-stock ability to lower your grid’s power consumption, by generating a current, amplifying it and...

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